Turkey is attacking Kurdistan, Turkish warplanes are bombing Kurdistan!

From the first minutes of the morning of the 15th of June, 60 warplanes of the Turkish state bombed 81 locations, including civilian areas, in Makhmour, Sinjar, Qandil, Zap and Xakurk. The Turkish media, just like always, has sought to legitimise the bombardment claiming it was against “terrorists”.

In northern Kurdistan the Turkish state has used every state mechanism to prevent the Kurdish people from participating in democratic politics. More than a hundred municipal councils administered by the Kurds have had their mayors removed while many elected members of parliament, mayors and local administrators have been put in prison. However, these attacks are not just limited to northern Kurdistan.

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Solidarity Keeps Us Alive!

International Campaign Organised by: Free Women’s Movement (TJA), Kurdish Women’s Movement – Europe (TJK-E), International Women’s Alliance (IWA), Women Democratic Front Pakistan (WDF), Ruba odeh Palestine, Abya Yala Feminists, National Front for Egyptian Women, Moroccan Association for Progressive Women, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan RAWA, Collective of Support for Women Prisoners in Aragon (C.A.M.P.A.)

The campaign can be supported by additional signatures. Signatures, reports, pictures and information of actions can be sent to solidarityalive@riseup.net . These will be published on www.solidaritykeepsusalive.org of the campaign, with background information and letters from prisoners.

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