25 executed in Iran in 14 days

Iran continues to commit crimes inside the country while the international powers pursue negotiations with the regime on its nuclear program. Iran has executed 25 activists since the beginning of April.

The executions in Iran decreased for a while following the strong criticism of UN Reporter Ahmed Şahin and Amnesty International, but increased again after the agreement with the international powers on the nuclear program.

On 13 April families gathered in front of the Kerec prison to prevent their relatives from being hanged. There was a crowd of around 200 persons in front of the prison. All of a sudden a woman started shouting: “They hanged them!” This was the first mass execution after the agreement reached on 2 April in Lausanne.

The prison authorities told the families that the order came from above, while the Iranian opposition announced that 8 prisoners were executed in Kerec prison on 13 April.

40 more prisoners were planned to be hanged the same day in other prisons, however no information could be obtained as to whether the executions were actually carried out.

It is said that 25 persons have been executed in Iran since the beginning of April. Iran carried out many executions in February, hanging at least 98 persons according to opposition sources.

It is reported that the number of executions carried out since the beginning of the year has reached 260.

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