85 years old Kurdish woman in Turkish jail: Take me to my village

Kurdish woman Sisê Bingol, an 85-year-old woman arrested by the AKP regime who has an approved 4 year 2 month sentence that she is serving in the Tarsus Type T Closed Women’s Prison. Sisê Bingol said, “Take me out of here and to my village before I die.”

Hasbike Bingol said: “My mother couldn’t have her blood tests and routine checks because she was fatigued. I told her to have the tests done so we can get the medical report. She is supported by other prisoners in there. Her ward mates tend to her every need. My mother is calling for awareness for the public. She wants to get out at once.”

Sise Bingöl had been taken to Mersin University Medical Faculty Hospital on 2 November. She had been hospitalized with the purpose of checking her health status. The old woman was kept in hospital for eight days, and despite the many health problems she is suffering from, she was sent back to Tarsus T Type Women’s Prison.

It was reported that parts from the old woman’s lung and bone were resected during the treatment. The hospital said a report on Bingöl’s health would be released in two weeks.

Bingöl’s lawyer Gulsen Ozbek said she would ask once again for the release of her client in light of the new medical report.

There is no doubt that the 85 years old woman is suffering from abuse as her body is clearly not strong enough to sustain prison life.

Bingöl struggles with health problems such as stomach pain, diabetes, asthma, blood pressure and others. Bingöl cannot meet her daily needs by herself and is able to cope thanks to the help she receives from other prisoners.

Sise Bingol had a heart attack one month before she was sent to the prison and her treatment was incomplete.

Sise Bingöl has been in prison since 2017. Bingöl was sentenced to 4 years and 2 months of imprisonment on charges of aiding an illegal organization, namely the PKK. Despite a previous report stating that she could not be held in prison, she had her release petition denied.

Bingöl, who had been released after the first hearing of June 2016, was sentenced again in April 2017.

Signature campaign demanding the release of Sisê Bingöl

Sisê Bingöl is being held in prison despite her advanced age. She is suffering from various severe illnesses. “If I’m going to die, I’ll die in the land of my own village” she said.

The Human Rights Association (IHD) will launch a petition demanding the release of Sisê Bingöl.

According to figures from the Human Rights Association, there are 1,154 ill prisoners in prisons in Turkey and Kurdistan. Of this, 402 are in serious conditions.

One of these critically ill prisoners is 85-year-old Sîsê Bingöl, who is held in Tarsus T Type Women’s Prison.

Bingöl suffered from many problems because of her advanced age: stomach problems, diabetes, asthma, blood pressure. She has no strength to deal with things alone and she is going about thanks to the help of the other prisoners.

In the report issued by Muş State Hospital about Bingöl, it has been established that “it is not suitable to her health to remain in prison”. However, a report by the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) stated that “staying in prison does note put her life in danger”. And this was enough to prevent the old woman from being freed.

IHD Amed Branch Prison Commissioner Derya Yildirim said that because of her serious health problems and her age, Bingöl should be released immediately.

Yildirim added that they will appeal to the Constitutional Court and launch a signature campaign to denounce the situation of the Kurdish woman and demand her immediate release from prison.

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