NRLS: ISIS’s violations against women and children

The culture of justifying physical and spiritual murder in the name of faith and religion is nothing but an anomaly that expresses a perverse criminal mentality about the general behavior and morality of human societies. Whatever its motives and justifications, the violation of the right to life and encroachment upon these rights is outside of the realm of humanity itself, and the infringement on the life of dozens of people can only be interpreted as barbaric behavior far from human morals and values. Read more in PDF

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Platform to monitor prisons formed in Amed

Amed Bar Association Prisons Commission, Human Rights Association (IHD) Amed Chapter Prisons Commission, Libertarian Lawyers Association (OHD), Diyarbakir Chamber of Medicine Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Foundation Turkey (TIHV) Representation Office have formed a platform to monitor the situation of prisoners on hunger strikes and the practices seen in prisons.

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