Journalist Akman: We were beaten and kicked around the floor

Kurdish journalist Nuri Akman, who successfully defended himself against deportation to Turkey together with three political activists in Bucharest airport on Wednesday, has made serious allegations against the Romanian authorities. After successfully resisting deportation to Turkey in Bucharest, he was eventually released.

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World Children’s Day: Uğur Kaymaz was 12 when he was murdered by soldiers

Uğur Kaymaz was murdered along with his father in the Kızıltepe district of Mardin (Merdin) in Turkey on 21 November 2004. Kaymaz was shot dead by soldiers. He was only 12 years old when he died. Thirteen bullets were found in his dead body. His mother, Makbule Kaymaz, was interviewed on the 16th year anniversary of her son’s murder. “Nothing has changed in Turkey since the murder of Uğur and the state still continues killing children”, she said.

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Human Rights Associations condemns political genocide

Dozens were detained in 4 cities as part of the investigation against the Democratic Society Congress (DTK). During house raids in Amed, Istanbul, Izmir and Adıyaman, 72 people including 24 lawyers. In evening 21 lawyers were released after they gave statements in the police station. Other people are still in custody. Reactions to the detentions continue. Human Rights Association ( IHD) criticizes political genocide operations, saying; “The freedom and security of individuals are unfortunately violated with impunity.” Freedom Lawyers Association (ÖHD) said “The state thinks that it can attack the Kurds every time it is in trouble and thus ensure its own survival and integrity.”

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