Maxmur Refugee Camp under embargo for two months

On July 17, the South Kurdistan official of the Turkish secret service (MIT) was assassinated in a restaurant in the city of Hewler (Erbil). The security forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) then closed all ways in and out of the Maxmur Camp, which is now surrounded and under a strict embargo. While members of the democracy and freedom movement were arrested and tortured, the arrests were carried out by KDP security forces together with representatives of the Turkish intelligence service MIT.

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NRLS: ISIS’s violations against women and children

The culture of justifying physical and spiritual murder in the name of faith and religion is nothing but an anomaly that expresses a perverse criminal mentality about the general behavior and morality of human societies. Whatever its motives and justifications, the violation of the right to life and encroachment upon these rights is outside of the realm of humanity itself, and the infringement on the life of dozens of people can only be interpreted as barbaric behavior far from human morals and values. Read more in PDF

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3 August: Call for an International Day of Action against Feminicide

Let’s make August 3rd the International Day of Struggleagainst Feminicide through our joint organization!

On August 3rd 2019 is the fifth anniversary of the genocidal attack by the so-called Islamic State(IS) on Êzidi (Yazidi) Kurds in the Northern Iraqi city of Sinjar. Starting on August 3, 2014 the attacksand massacres caused a humanitarian catastrophe but importantly had the genocidal objective oferadicating the whole Êzidi community. Women were systematically targeted within this genocide andtherefore it also constitutes a feminicide.

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