Female prisoner battered by wardens in front of her mother

Fidan Karadag, mother of Remziye Karadag who was transferred to the Elazig High Security Prison from the Urfa Type T Prison No.2 9 months ago, went to visit her daughter and witnessed her being battered.

Fidan Karadag said Remziye Karadag is participating in the 10-day hunger strike organized in all prisons against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The mother went to the prison to visit her daughter yesterday.

Fidan Karadag went to see her daughter for the first time in months due to the telephone ban and disciplinary sentences she was given before, adding up to 4 months of visitation ban. She witnessed her daughter being battered by wardens during the visit:

“I went to visitation yesterday. They came out barefoot. The wardens told them to remove their socks during the search. They have been on a hunger strike for 31 days, they looked weak. As it was an open visitation, my daughter and two of her friends wanted to greet the families coming in. Then 20 wardens attacked these 3 prisoners. We stood between our children and the wardens so they wouldn’t be hit by batons. They are already on a hunger strike, they didn’t have the strength for it.”

Mother Karadag said, “Do the people inside have to die so the people outside would speak up? My daughter and her friends are dying,” and called for awareness.

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