IHD Mardin: Food poisoning in prison affects 800 prisoners

Human Rights Association (IHD) Mardin Branch reported that 800 prisoners in Mardin E Type Closed Prison got poisoned because of the dinner delivered on 22 April evening.

In a statement on poisoned prisoners, IHD Mardin Branch called attention to its earlier reports which had exposed the fact that cases of food poisoning are lived every two months in the prison.

IHD pointed out that the two big prisons in Mardin host prisoners three times more than their capacity and noted that the conditions in these prisons are incompatible with human dignity. Remarking that these prisons don’t provide clean food and hygienic nutrition environment for prisoners and continued as follows;

“Around 800 prisoners who got poisoned with the potato food delivered to them also had doctor and medicine problems in the process of treatment. The large part of prisoners received treatment at the hospital and they don’t face a critical situation at the moment.”

The IHD statement called on competent authorities to provide prisoners with the right to health and healthy nutrition in the soonest time.

One other statement on the event was made by lawyers Bariþ Büyük and Orhan Erbey who met BDP Þirnak MP Faysal Sariyildiz and Mardin MP Gülser Yildirim who are also jailed in Mardin E Type Closed Prison. Lawyers Büyük and Erbey stated that 150 prisoners still receive treatment in the casualty ward of the prison, noting that 25 women, including MP Gülser Yildirim, are still in a critical situation and not taken to hospital despite facing a critical state of health. The food poisoning effected 800 out of 1000 prisoners in the prison, noted lawyers.

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