IHD report on rights violations in Central Anatolia prison

The Prison Commission of the Ankara Branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD) has published a report exposing rights violation in the prisons of Central Anatolian Region registered in the months of April, May and June.

IHD executive Nuray Çevirmen said that the report included Bolu F Type, Dinar T Type, Kayseri Bünyan No. 2 T Type, Kırıkkale- Hacılar F Type, Sincan Woman and Tokat T Type prisons.

Çevirmen said that the report was compiled by the members of the IHD prison commission after interviews with lawyers who in turn received information from prisoners, complaints by the prisoners’ families as well as deputies and associations. Another important source of information were the letters sent by prisoners.

The violations exposed go from poor or no medical care given to ill prisoners, harassment, beating, humiliating strip searches, imposition of isolation regime, punishment like denial of visit permits.

Among the many violations were the following:


  • 9 April 2018: Abdulvahap Kavak has been informed 7 years after it was detected about the nodule in his throat. He needs surgery but he is not having one allegedly because there is no inmate ward in the university clinic.
  • Mehmet Çelebi Çalan, a seriously ill prisoner, told the prison doctor two months ago that he should have a blood test for his annual prostate control. He is waiting for the test for two months.
  • The State of Emergency (OHAL) means among other things that prisoners cannot get newspapers, magazines and books that were previously allowed. Prisoners are only allowed to keep five books and five magazines.
  • Radios with short wave are forbidden, only radios with FM wave are allowed.
  • Viewing Turkish TV channels like CNN and Fox TV have been forbidden.


  • Radios were confiscated and never returned.
  • A prison sentence of one year was handed out to a prisoner found in possession of a small needle used to pierce olive seeds.
  • Prisoners were beaten 20 times in a year. Since they have been taken to the hospital one week after the beating they are not given any medical report.


  • The number of books is limited to five. No radio allowed.
  • There are no health officers in the institution. The distance between the prison and the hospital is about 50 km, thus patients are at risk.


  • Punishments and visit restrictions have been reported.

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