IHD: We will keep seeking justice for Roboski

The Human Rights Association (IHD) Truth and Justice Commission, Istanbul Branch, issued a written statement to mark the 90th month since the death of 34 Kurds in Roboski.

Turkish military warplanes bombed the village of Roboski (in Sirnak) on 28 December 2011. Most of the 34 dead were young men, some under 18, working as cross-border traders to make a living.

Despite the legal information and documents on the Roboski massacre, the investigation file was closed without a regular judicial process and prosecution did not begun.

When the application to the Constitutional Court was rejected, the victims of the Roboski massacre applied to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to denounce in particular the violation of the right to life. However, the ECHR rejected the file in contradiction with its own principles on the grounds that some documents were delivered with two days of delay.

The IHD recalled that on the 28 of every month there is an event to mark each passing month since that 28 December.

The slogans of the events are: “We have not forgotten! We won’t forget! Justice for all the massacres”.

The IHD statement added that “The perpetrators and those responsible of the massacres should be brought to justice no matter the position they occupy. There should be no impunity and truth should be told. It is no secret that war and violence prevent access to truth and justice. For this reason, the most urgent demand today is for justice and peace.”

The Human Rights Association reiterated its “commitment to seek justice for the victims of Roboski as for the victims of all other massacres.”

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