OHCHR:Report on the impact of the state of emergency on human rights in Turkey, including an update on the South-East January/December 2017 March 2018


I.Executive summary

A.Background and scope of the report
C.Protection concerns for individuals cooperating with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
D.Applicable legal framework

III.Human rights in the context of the state of emergency
A.Effects of the Constitutional amendments on the separation of powers
B.Effects of presidential decrees enacted during the state of emergency
–1. Subject matter and scope of presidential decrees
–2.Interference with the independence of the judiciary
–3.Arbitrary dismissals of civil servants and private sector employees
–4.Torture and ill-treatment
–5.Violations of the rights to freedoms of expression and movement
C.Commission of Inquiryfor State of Emergency Practices

IV. Update on the situation in South-East Turkey

V.Conclusions and recommendations

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