Pozanti prison victims arrested again

Two children who were most recently released from Sincan prison in Ankara have been arrested and sent to prison again. The two children had suffered abuses in Pozanti prison before being transferred to Sincan after it was exposed the harassment and violence the children were subjected to.

Around a hundred children in Pozanti prison were transferred to the Sincan Juvenile Closed prison in Ankara after it was confirmed many kids suffered sexual abuses, some very heavy. The kids were transferred to Ankara last March. Two of the kids were released in the last one month and have once again been arrested following a police operation in Mersin two days ago which ended up with the detention of four children aged under eighteen.

Mersin Vacation Court for Children sentenced four detained children to imprisonment for allegedly using molotov cocktail and spreading propaganda for an illegal organization.

Human Rights Association (IHD) and non-governmental organizations have most recently announced that a commission would be established for Pozanti victim children.

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