Two Kurdish cousins to be executed in Iran

Kurdish prisoners Zanyar Muradi and Luqman Muradi are reportedly going to be executed in Iran. Cousins Zanyar Muradi and Luqman Muradi, who have been in prison since 2009 in Iran, have been sentenced to death.

The cousins are detained in Recai prison and on Wednesday 5 September were allegedly taken to a single-cell room.

It was also reported that the families of the young men were called today, Friday, to have their last visit. The Itlaat allegedly told the families that Zanyar Muradi and Luqman Muradi cousins would be executed tonight.

Zaynar Muradi’s mum: They will execute them, do something!

Zanyar Muradi, who were able to see his brother, told him that the Itlahat had said he and Luqman would be hanged on Saturday morning.

The mother of Zaynar made an emotional appeal:

“Honourable people of the four parts of Kurdistan, human rights activists, political parties and Meriwan citizens, my son Zanyar, was taken to a military prison on Wednesday. Zanyar has been on a hunger strike since that day.

Now I have been told that he would be executed on Saturday morning. I am asking you, do something. The Islamic Republican didn’t stop terrorising my husband and now wants to drink mms son’s blood. Do something, go out!”


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