Violence against women killed 27 in 27 days

Marching every week against woman decimates from Taksim to Galatasaray Square, woman members of the Platform “We will stop the women murders” pointed out that 27 women died only in the last 27 days due to the precautions not taken.

The members of the platform, which was founded by democratic mass organizations in Istanbul, one more time drew attention to woman murders.

Making a statement in the name of platform members, who chanted slogans like “Our body is our identity, our labor is ours”, Özüm Arslanoglu told the stories of Gülbeyaz Arslan, whose throat was cut by her mate Ferdi Sevim in Bahçelievler/Istanbul, and the story of Ayten Kivilcim, who disappeared almost one month ago and and then found stabbed in the forested land 500 meters close to her house.

Arslanoglu emphasized that the reasons of woman murders, which are backed up by the all government branches, are expressed as decency, jealousness and unemployment.

Stating that 27 women died in the last 27 days, “On the basis of so-called isolated reasons, arrested murderers make advantage of “unjust provocation reduction”law , which was enacted by the 29. Article of TCK (Turkish Penal Code)” recorded Arslanoglu.

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