Yazidis: Attacks for cultural genocide

Yazidi society has been subjected to many genocidal attacks and genocides throughout history. The Yazidis were massacred by ISIS gangs most recently, and are now under attack from the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs in Afrin.

Yazidis in the Cizire region of northern Syria and Shengal said their people suffered through great pains during the Ottoman invasion of the region and added that the grandchildren of the Ottomans are now continuing the same attacks in Afrin today.

Heseke Canton Yazidi House Administrator Diyala Shexo stressed Turkey’s role in all attacks the Yazidis have suffered in recent times. Diyala said the Turkish state attacks in Afrin are the clearest example and added: “The Turkish state and their gangs want to forcibly convert the Yazidis in Afrin to Islam. The Turkish state targets Yazidis in an attempt to destroy Kurdish culture in the region.”

Diyala said Yazidis have kept their faith and culture despite all genocidal attacks they suffered, and stressed that they won’t let any force destroy their faith in the future.

Shengal Democratic Autonomous Administration Executive Council Member Hiso Ibrahim said the Turkish state targets all Yazidis in Rojava and Northern and Eastern Syria and not just those in Afrin, and added that the Turkish state wants to destroy the Yazidi faith like the Ottomans did. Ibrahim stressed that the invaders haven’t achieved their goals, despite all their attacks against Yazidis.

Cizire Region Yazidi House Member Leyla Ibrahim protested the Turkish state’s attacks against Northern Syria and said: “In Northern and Eastern Syria, all faiths live together in a safe and peaceful environment. Turkey can’t accept that.” Leyla Ibrahim stressed that no force can destroy the unity of faiths in the region.

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